Adding more than one print

I want to print out some earrings and have several of the free prints. I’m having problems adding more than one print …it’s wanting me to print one and then start over …how do I add several different prints? I hope this makes sense I’m very much a newbie.

You can copy the file cmd c and paste them cmd v as many times as you wish. You can select a group and copy that and paste the group as well.


Select everything on the bed by clicking CNTRL or CMD +A.

Then click CTRL or CMD + C to copy it.

Then CTRL or CMD + V to paste a copy of the file into the bed.

Place the copy where you want it, and you can now Print two of the same design at one time.

You can repeat that as many times as you like to fill up the board, and can make that many at one time, but when you hit Print, it will only process the designs that it sees at that time. (It will always start over when you hit Print.)

If it’s a different design, you can drag and drop it from your Desktop onto the Glowforge interface, and it will load into the bed. It will show up at the top of the column, and you will need to add Settings information for it.

Is that what you needed to know?

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If these are designs from the Glowforge Catalog you’re referring to, you won’t be able to open more than one of those at the same time.

For example, if you want to make some of the “Adorable Standing Ferret Earrings”, and some of the “Dangling Pumpkin Studs”, you can’t print both at the same time as part of one job.

You can copy and paste as many ferret earring sets as you want to print at once, and then switch to the pumpkin design and copy and paste as many pumpkin earrings sets as you want to print at once, but there’s no way to get both the ferrets and pumpkins on your screen at the same time.


Thank you all so much…that was exactly what i wanted to know!

Thanks dklgood, Jules, and dan84 for the help! I’m going to close this post.

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