Adding non proof grade material

Is there a way to add non proof grade material to my dashboard data base so I don’t have to enter the same data every time I want to make something. Something like Maple Ply .123" and then the settings used.

Yep! You can create Custom Settings and save them for future use:


My solution is to make a set of custom settings, and I label them fir what they are, not what they’re for.

“180/full”, “190/full”, etc.

Then I keep a spreadsheet of materials and appropriate settings. If I haven’t cut something in a while and can’t recall, spreadsheet time.

Otherwise you’ll end up with “1/8 maple” and “1/8 Yellowheart” and such that are essentially the same. The list gets long fast.

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I guess what I am asking is when you go to you’re dashboard and upload a project to cut, there is a list of proof grade material to choose from. Is there a way to add a different material and them save those settings so you don’t have to do it all over again when you use that same material. I am very new and have no idea if it can be done!

Hmm yeah that’s a good idea, but no that’s not supported at this time.

It’s not really a big deal, but having you’re own material data base would save some time with settings. I have a friend that has a 40w Epilog and they have a data sheet next to the machine with all there settings. They have to enter the info everytime they use a particular material. By the way, they bought a refurb machine and it still cost them $8,000 with a 1 year warranty!

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Nope, you are always going to have to choose Uncertified Material, but then select your own saved settings for that item.

Once I select a saved setting (cork tray) for example, the operation settings populate.

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If you are using i.e. Woodpeckers 1/8 wood and you manually put the settings for i.e. cut in, you have the option to ‘save’ that setting. When you click on save, you then name it. So the next time you use Woodpeckers 1/8 wood, it will be in a list for you to click on and the saved settings will apply. Like @evansd2 said, the list will get long. I’m not sure if this is what you are trying to accomplish. Good luck!

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If you use the Chrome Browser there is an Extension that does that. See:


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