Address Correction System changing my address to something that seems WRONG

I’m trying to go through the steps to get my GlowForge delivered, and when I try to put in my address, the address delivery system tries to ‘correct’ the issue, and thus seems to make the address wrong in the process. I’ve tried to correct it multiple times, and have shipped hundreds of things to my address, so I’d like to know how to get my address entered without the correction that injects something between 81st such that it becomes 81 ST (Street shorthand)


The shipping system will always correct the address to the USPS/UPS accepted format. You will need to add the street type - street, blvd, way, etc. in order to complete the address. 123 81st. ST vs. 123 81st; the former will be accepted per my understanding while the latter will be changed and is not technically a valid address as the street type is not provided.
I have done a lot of shipping using this system and haven’t had any issues as long as the correct information is there, even if the format is a little different than you are used to seeing.


Thanks for the response. The formatting seems completely off to me, though punching the oddly formatted address into Google still results in it finding my house. Just really leery of the change myself.

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The UPS validation routine is evil to me. It’s a golem stalking in the shadows. I have had Proofgrade from Glowforge shipped to my office and even my PRU from FedEx. I get stuff from UPS every day at our office. No way would the form let me use my work address to ship my production unit. finally gave in and used my home address. Meant that I could us UPS MyChoice and that at least helped me find out that the Glowforge would arrive the day before all shipping estimations and updates said it would. Talk about an opaque system that leaves one feeling helpless and without recourse.

I do not buy stuff from Adafruit because their address validation routine denies my office exists. Can’t fix it in thirty seconds without intervention of living people, they lose the customer.


The address format is not correct for UK customers either. It replaces Manchester with MAN, which isn’t something we do unless referring to the airport. Fortunately we only need the house number and the postcode to get something delivered.

Thanks for letting us know. I’ve checked your order and verified your shipping address.

We’ll reach out with tracking information as soon as your Glowforge ships!