Adhesive Not Supporting Lid, One Side Isn’t Flush

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The adhesive attaching the glass lid to the unit is no longer holding it in place causing one side to stick up in the back and the front scrapes the unit when closing. I have seen this issue in threads before but when I reached out to support they wanted me to send my unit back and pay $1300 for a refurbished machine. I am wondering if anyone has a more realistic solution to my issue. I have also seen photos from another user with the same problem that shows the faulty adhesive used to hold the lid on, I’m wondering if anyone knows of an adhesive that can be used to properly hold it in place.

My unit is on a flat, level surface and the lid has always been handled gently.

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There are many existing threads on this, several include the adhesive that was used to repair it. Use the search function to locate them.


E6000 seems to be a recommended adhesive.

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Thank you! Just bought a new bottle, fingers crossed

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Neato! Great advice, I’m so glad for your insight

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