Adjusting margins

How do I adjust margins?

Have to elaborate a bit. Margins on what?

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Do you mean the areas that are greyed out?
Sometimes the speed you have selected affects that–the higher the speed, the larger the margin has to be as higher speed means the head needs more space to slow down & make its U-turn to go the other way without smashing into the rails.

But apart from that, there’s not much that can be done as they are determined by the mechanics vs. function of the laser.

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@ bansai8creations, that’s correct. Thank you for the help!

@sarahgondo, in addition to what bansai8creations shared, if you’re setting up an engrave using manual settings, you can try adjusting the Margin Optimization slider and preview the change it makes to the curtains (the area outside the engraveable area)


Please let us know if this information answered your question.


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