Adobe Capture - converts images to vectors with your cell phone camera

Seems like an interesting alternative to the GF’s built-in capture. Lots of “knobs” to turn in the conversion process for fine tuning the results. And it’s free.


I haven’t used it yet, but very similar to Illustrator’s Live Trace functions I believe (oh, I think maybe they renamed that Image Trace a few versions back maybe :thinking:)


Lol… went to install it, found I already had it. I guess I’ve found it useful… :smiley:


and now I’m living in a Take on Me world and I can’t stop!


That link is not working for me, hmm.

I used to have something like this that stopped working, so glad I can use it again as I’ve got a list of projects.

Omg, I could hear that in my head even before I scrolled down enough to see that you included the link!


You guys who know who A-Ha was and can remember the lyrics of their breakout song and music video are showing your age. I won’t admit to knowing that song by heart, or to being able to sketch any of the images from the music video. On the Internet, at least, I’m not that old. :slight_smile:

For anyone who doesn’t know who A-Ha was, it’s from a time when MTV actually played mostly just music videos. So you know it was long ago.


Best video ever released on MTV, hands down :smiley:

and yeah, the age thing is why I included the link :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely the best video ever created. That was the reason I went into graphic design. And yes, I remember when MTV premiered. We had a party. LOL


LOL, now that was funny

Always enjoyed this version.

Nice, I’d never seen that. Weezer’s version is good too!

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