Adobe Illustrator artboard saving incorrectly

I have my designs made on Illustrator in various artboard that are all sized exactly the same at 19x11. Half of them saved correctly into individual files, and a couple saved and showed up in the glowforge app smaller than they were in ai. I’m hoping someone can help me with this.

Confirm the “responsive” box is not checked in the SVG save options window.


You need to use a 12x20 artboard. The Glowforge software looks for that ratio and know how to scale. And make sure unresponsive is checked. :slight_smile:


I’ve always done 10.95 x 18.95 artboards just so I can be sure it fits in the actual cut space. Never had an issue with sizing, as long as “responsive” is NOT check when saving as SVG.

I’m curious what you mean by it looks for a ratio. Is that a usual thing? I’ve just never run across it so I’m genuinely curious.

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Most SVG files do not specify a standard unit like inches, cm, mm. But every SVG file has a “view box” specified in the file. The software looks for a ratio that corresponds to 12x20 - 12x20, 6x10, 3x5 - they all work, and from that, it knows how to scale the elements in the file to the proper size.

This eliminates the issue that many have that’s a result of different programs using a different value for how many pixels make up an inch.

Illustrator displays an object that is 1” wide as 72 pixels wide. Your browser uses 96 inches. When you save the SVG and it just says the element is 72 pixels, what was an inch in your illustrator program, is no longer an inch in the app. But, with the 12x20 artboard, it knows how to scale that element to be an inch.

It also allows for perfect, repeatable placement in the file. Wherever you put it on the artboard, that’s where the elements show up in the app. Every time you upload that file, everything is right where it was last time.


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