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OMG, The adverts for GlowForge on YouTube just will not stop.

I can save you a ton of money in your ad budget: STOP SHOWING ME THE ADS ) I already bought one in 2015)

I’m getting like two ads for GF per video I watch, it’s unreal. I’ve never seen so many ads and so uni-focused.

And YT has no feature to stop seeing an ad for a specific vendor. Please make it stop.


:glowforge: probably has little or no control over who sees these. It would be based on Google/YouTube algorithms. Looks like :glowforge: owners look to be prime candidates for being the type of people that would buy a :glowforge:, go figure?

You can stop ALL adds and get premium content by throwing YouTube some cash though.


I also get them all the time on the forum. I’m sure it’s based on cookies, but to your point, if there were a way to block / erase them, GF might be able to save a few $$$$ on marketing.


I use AdBlock on Chrome. I never see ads unless it crashes :wink:


AdBlock for FF, Chrome etc won’t work on your TV.

Try this:

Pihole is a lightweight DNS server typically meant to run on a raspberry pi and acts as a network wide ad blocker for all your devices. It comes with sensible default lists that block around 100.000 malware, advertising and tracking domains but it is highly configurable and you can add as many of the available block lists circulating on the internet as you like.

For those that are interested and have the technical expertise, adding one of these to your network can significantly reduce obnoxious targeted ads. However, you’re almost absolutely going to have to occasionally whitelist/Allow some networks through for certain sites and services to work. AWS (Amazon Web Services) is just too big unfortunately to get around this. That is unless you’re so staunchly opposed to online tracking / PII (Personally Identifiable Information) that you simply opt to not use services from vendors like the ones I mentioned.

I’m actually setting up a PiHole tonight actually.


OK, I found the solution.

When you’re watching an ad on YouTube there is a small text in the lower left corner. In the middle of that text is a letter i in a circle. Clicking the i shows you a pop-up that tells you why you’re seeing the ad. One option then is to stop seeing it. They ask you why. I selected repetitive.

I’m not against seeing ads. Ads pay for TV and so I’m used to them. And it’s either watch ads for pay for the service.


best youtube add-on for your browser :wink:

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Thank you, great to know about that so we can recommend it!

I let the team know your feedback, too, and I appreciate it!

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