Advanced settings?

Are there going to be advanced options for users who really want to dial in their settings for particular designs or materials (much like the Advanced settings in the Epson professional grade scanner series)? … Assigning different powers to linetypes, etc.

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Be nice to save and catalog custom settings as well.

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I will make sure it happens for you! Totally get that you want your perfect settings for your preferred laser-cooked-bacon recipe. :wink:


Huh ? wait…what?..Laser cooked bacon ?..I’m all over that…can’t wait for my GlowForge…yeeeeehaaaaaa…!

A GF Basic+Air Filter pre-order here. The ability to tweak the laser settings would be an important feature to me as well, the output power or speed for example. I’ve spent a lot of time running laser jobs at a local maker space and know how varied the raster results can be between different batches of the same material. Plus different people have different tastes regarding the engraving depth and final product. Can you for example run the raster and vector jobs separately if desired? I might like the engraving results but if the material fails to cut on the first pass I might want to run just the vector portion again. Will the settings be managed through the application we’ve seen in the video’s? And +1 to the ability to store custom profiles.

I’m a big fan of the point and click simplicity we have seen so far, that is going to go a long way with the less technical users, but I do hope to see some more advanced demo’s as time goes on!

You might not have noticed, but you can do almost everything you describe with the UI shown in the Brad Feld print video. : ) You can enable or disable any of engrave/cut, manually set power and speed, store settings for custom materials…