Adventure in creating a new file

Just got our GF in May as a retirement hobby for both of us to learn. I had a little experience with a program called Sure Cuts Alot. Used some basic files and did some slice and dice and duplicate to create something. This is going to a sister in law that does folk

painting, so I am sure it will get “decorated.”


Neat design. One thing I’ll say about coasters out of plywood, be sure you seal them with an oil or something, water will make them warp like crazy if you don’t. I have a set I made out of baltic birch plywood sealed with Danish oil that gets almost daily use for over 2 years now, they look brand new.

There are also cork sealants, amazon has it.


Wow what a great design. Welcome to the forum and welcome to retirement… you’re gonna love 'em both.


Thanks for the tips!

Welcome. I suspect you will be very busy in your retirement.

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I am enjoying retirement. Left 39 years in public health on 12/16. Would have been “that public health official.” Timing is everything!


Dodging the proverbial bullet. If I’m not being too intrusive, what area of the country?


Beautiful part of the country. Southwest Missouri for me.

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Very nice!

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