Adventures with HD Ply: Going Fishin'


Early 20th century woodcut adapted for 21st century burnination…

Home Depot birch ply (non-Baltic)


The detail is insane!


Another knock out engraving. Just drooling for the opportunity to try my hand at this :glowforge::sunglasses:


Thanks! This was a quick test to see if I should invest more time on prep. The new project is definitely a go. Will post final products when complete.


Wow! Great results, particularly with plain ole HD ply. Great project, can’t wait to see it progress.


Wow. What is the thickness of the ply and what settings did you use? This is amazing! Did you use masking? :grinning::glowforge::blush:


Amazing work! So what sort of file did you use to create that? Was it a raster image of just fine black lines?


Nothing fancy, just used the PG setting for medium engrave for 1/4" maple ply. :wink:

Hastily cropped jpeg converted to a png. Will take much more care on the final project.


That looks pretty good! How much is the wood where you’re at? How big a piece


4’ x 2’ of 1/4" runs $12. I have them rip it into four 12’ strips, then trim the final 4" at home with a Dremel Saw-Pro.