Advertising on the Forum?

Are we allowed to advertise for something in the forum under “Beyond the Manual”? For example, if there was someone who was working on engraveable material buy-ins from factories, would this be a place that can be used to advertise those buy-ins? I’ve tried searching for forum rules and didn’t find anything here: or here: but it’s quite possible I missed something in the legalize. Is there somewhere else?

They don’t discourage links to personal commercial sites where designs or items can be sold, so I don’t think it would be an issue.

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More than strictly the rules, how you word something has a big impact on how things are taken here. Glowforge relies on members to flag things they think are not appropriate There will always be one that will think it is spam no matter how on the topic it is. The key is keeping it to that one person and not everyone.

One post of something like you hint at should be pretty well taken but you just never know about villagers and their pitchforks. :crazy_face:

Something that helps a lot is to establish yourself as a helper before posting something that is advertising.


Thanks. I don’t spend much time on the forum. I’m very active on Glowforge Facebook pages and help a lot on those. It’s just easier for me to FB on my phone so I’m able to reply to posts easier and post items myself - including photos.

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