Advise on painting

I’m working on a Settlers of Catan board for my daughter. I am thinking of painting it.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get paint into the little nooks and crannies? I’m thinking of some sort of squeeze bottle with a precision tip?

Also, should I try to clean the soot off before painting?

Can anyone recommend colored stains?

Lastly, I’ll sand if I use the Maple ply. Anyone have experience painting draft board?



The precision tip sounds like a good idea. Also a stiff brush might get in there once you get the paint in the general area.

I would do some cleaning first. Otherwise (depending on the type of paint you use) you might get bleed through of the resinous material through the paint.

Don’t know anything about colored stains.

I have painted Draftboard. It’s fairly absorbent. I would give it a coat or two of matte acrylic spray as a sealer first, otherwise you will have to paint a lot of coats. That’s what I do anyway.


Acrylic spray = great idea! TY.