Aerial street view necklace tokens

Using (which is amazing btw). I made this beautiful maple PG necklace token. You guys seriously need to use this resource.


Kewl! :sunglasses:

Very nice, still struggling with

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I can share my template that I used for this if anybody needs it, basically deletes everything but the actual streets.


That would be excellent. Thanks! Count me in…


Here you go!

I get “forbidden” when I try to download the json to save back to my account. It’s “Moonlight no street name” yes?

Yep. Hmm. Unsure why it isn’t working for you. I’ll try to look into this further.

So you downloaded vector maps directly from map box? DO you have a paid subscription or something else? Just curious how it is used.

Pay as you go, then I use the “Print Export” option. I really only need to do 4-5 maps of the Territory to get started. Trying a proof of concept as to market before I invest too much.

The :glowforge: has so many possibilities I need to narrow my scope. (ADHD) :sunglasses:



Nice job on that!

You could just download them but I just use print screen. Makes it a little more work to weed out your desktop and the UI.


I’m not seeing an option to download it as a vector, just a png or jpg… What am I missing?