Affinity Designer for Windows


Affinity Designer which I am planning to use as a primary design tool on the Mac is now available for Windows. And its on sale for both platforms right now.

At $40 with no subscription this is a much cheaper alternative to Illustrator.


For those (like me) who had never heard of it before, here is a link to the main product site. Looks interesting!


I generally use illustrator for everything, but this is peaking my interest seriously. its a flat cost (vs. monthly) and looks to have all the features that I generally use.

I will do a serious review/comparison this weekend on this. Ill make sure to post my findings here.

Thank you for posting this @brian1 !


THANKS. I will definitely be looking forward to your review. I’m interested definitely


Considering what I spent for my proGF, buying the software and workbook together is hardly a blip on the radar screen. Christmas is coming with wifey looking for something to wrap and put under the tree. :relaxed: - Rich


Got my copy and will give reports of how things go.


I also got it, and like @Xabbess, I also ordered the workbook, which is apparently a 400+ page full colour hardcover book. It cost the same as the app did, but I figure that will help a lot with getting my wife and daughters up to speed with illustration software as well!


I’ve never used this software, but looks very interesting. I’ll take it as a new challenge :relaxed:


Looks pretty nice. Anyone know if there’s a demo version to try it out?

Oh, and I’ll do some research, but if anyone knows… can I buy it for my PC, but then also have it on my wife’s MAC?


Is it a illustrator alternative? It has more of a Photoshop feel IMO. Im not an expert with either software btw.


I think that is a no… the downside of buying a stand-alone, non-cloud based, platform-specific version of a program.
It is hard for me to imagine starting all over with a design program like this after decades of using adobe… but it really looks like they have some good stuff going on… Full saved undo history?! Thats awesome.


Affinity Designer is the Illustrator alternative. Affinity Photo is the photoshop alternative. They are separate products.


Took a while, but I found a free trial link on their blog. That might just be for the Mac version… but I signed up so I’ll see when I get home if it gives me the option for the Windows version.


I think you’d have to buy it for each platform but you can always ask their support. Mine was purchase through the Mac app store so certainly does not give me access to the windows version.


Oh sure, when I brought this up months ago that they were working on the PC version nobody barely noticed except for xabbess

I feel like the middle child :smiley:


I noticed too, and have had the Beta installed since. I haven’t had time to do anything of import with it since though, so perhaps I forgot to say so here!


I got through the ‘core’ study part and the first lesson, though I did lousy with the lesson. I decided to download my own choice of image to use as the subject and I think that was the problem. Any issues I ran into were not easy to sync with the workbook, really…so I guess I’ll give in and download the artist’s image to use. I should be able to follow along much more easily. I hope. Otherwise, the book is a gem and very easy to follow. One thing that I anxiously await it an auto trace feature like AI has (is that what it’s called?)…it’s something they are working on. I’ve been doing lots of practice with the bezier pen.


Don’t know about the Windows version, but the app is very highly rated in the Mac app store. Tons of glowing reviews…some of which rated Affinity equal to or better than Illustrator. I did notice that you could download a demo from their website directly, but didn’t pay much attention to whether or not a Window’s version demo was available, as well.


Don’t feel bad…I’m standing here right here with you! :relaxed:


Sorry to say I did notice, but failed to acknowledge the beta release.

Not fond of putting beta’s on my production computers.