Affinity Designer, Help Needed

Hello, I purchased a design off Etsy, and I downloaded in AD. I’ve typed a name on an ornament and per a video the designer is using AI. I need to create an outline of the name after that unite the whole thing (image). I’ve used the “help” in AD, however it says go to select then outline there’s not outline in the select category. When I go to view, view mode, then I can click outline but it outlines the whole image not just the name. Am I doing this correctly ? How do I create outline and unite the image so I can export as PDF or SVG into GF?

With AD you can just export and it will convert the name to curves for you.

However, if you have overlapping letters you want to combine so they’ll engrave correctly, then do this:

Select the name, then in the Layers menu, choose “convert to curves.” Ungroup the resulting group of letters (there’s a button at the top centerish of the screen for that), select them all, then use the Add button to weld them together.

The Add button looks like this, and is in the top right area of the screen:
Screen Shot 2021-12-05 at 9.12.34 PM


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