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Hey all! I received an email today from Affinity(Serif) with their COVID-19 update. They are offering 90 day free trials and 50% discount on the purchase of their software ($25!!!). If you were considering dropping the subscription based software, or wanted to test out, now would be the time.

Trial link:

Discount link:




Here’s the simpler link with no tracking or potential referral information.

(goes to

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And yeah what eflyguy beat me to, previously.


Native advertising? Come on.

So, which product do you guys use? Designer? Photo?

I use Designer heavily, but recently bought Photo (before Covid-19). Designer has a few features missing or that behave unexpectedly, but I favor it over Inkscape and Silhouette Studio. I use all three somewhat interchangeably depending on what I want to do and find myself leaning toward Designer. I figured if I like Designer, might as well try Photo. YMMV, of course.


I like these products and own all of them multiple platforms. I think Designer is a fine way to feed your Glowforge. If you are at all familiar with Big Evil Adobe’s products, the Affinity suite is an easy transition. It’s the opposite of Inkscape, which seems to go out of its way to be different. I cannot stand Inkscape and only use it occasionally when it does something I can’t do another way.

That said, Designer has some issues to be aware of.

  • It has no “offset path” feature. If you want make a shape +0.007" bigger for kerf compensation, you need to figure something else out.
  • It has no autotrace feature. Not a laser cutter deal killer, but unfortunate.
  • It has inconsistent winding rules when you do Boolean operations. In other words, sometimes you do a Subtract Front (etc) and you don’t get the results you expect, and you have to dig around the menus to fix it. If the issue is new for you, it is mighty confusing.

My $0.02.

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