Affinity users I have a question

I was needing to alter a design that is saved as a SVG. When I open it in AD it is the correct size but then if I copy and paste into a new page in AD it is smaller. Any idea why and if there is a way to fix that from doing that? Thanks!

Thanks but none of those answer my question. I am not loading to the GFUI. I am simply selecting an object in AD then I am right click copy and opening a new page in AD and pasting it and it is smaller not scaling up in size. When I open up a new in AD it always is set to 20x12 board.

I don’t know affinity but it almost always comes down to dpi setting on the starting svg. Sometimes (in inkscape) when I pull an item from an older svg into a newer one I get similar issues.

Are you dealing with svgs from other sources or your own?

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Its from a box generator. I just needed to resize one part for a knob while still keeping the original no knob file. Thanks for trying to help. Much appreciated.

Dang it! Well it had nothing to do with the GFUI but I did just change the DPI and solved the issue. I had never had an issue before making a copy and pasting a SVG until this one. Consider this solved!


Yeah dpi will mess with you occasionally.


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