After 1 year finally it has a pretty home

So this isn’t amazing news or anything out of the ordinary for this community but I just had to say how happy I finally am! I’ve had my Forge for almost a year and a half, but it has spent it’s days in the cold basement where I have no entertainment and I’m disconnected from the rest of the house. Well due to some unfortunate circumstances the “home office” room was able to be reorganized and I was able to bring the Forge upstairs in a room where I can have a desk for my laptop and desktop. I now can do design work comfortably and watch tv or play games while the projects run. I was even able to pick up a portable AC window exhaust kit so I no longer have a rigged hose out the window. The beauty of the AC kit was it was designed for a 6" hose so the Infinity fan now works like a charm. The only thing left is to put in a work table for the projects but at least I now have room, and it makes me so happy!


I can’t imagine every having an office without access to a laser now. It’s just one of those basic tools. Love that it looks good in the room too! Nice exhaust setup.


Looks good!


Gosh…I could just feel your happiness and excitement at getting to move into that space! I don’t blame you …it’s a wonderful place. I love seeing where people have their fun stuff.


Thanks everyone! The best part is my girls are happy to be here too!


Wait !? You have empty rooms?
After so many decades in this home, I am at the stage that I live like someone on a boat. If I cannot envision where it will go or what it will replace, it does not get bought.

That glowforge wall looks nice and tidy. Ignore my jealous rant about you seeing your floor and walls.


Oh it wasn’t empty by any means before hand. It was an established “office” which never got used, but then my life status changed and the room got cleared out and I made use of it to make me happy :blush:


Looks like you can go crazy with creativity now! Space frees the mind.

Other than the corner the Glowforge fills in the basement, our house is very full. Wish I had more space.


I’m working on it! I’ve actually spent more time this week with the laser after work than I have for quite a long time. I actually bought some of the GF design files for the pen and tool holders so I can have a nice “organized” disorganized work area.


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