After another long wait, Got It

Wow! this thing is so fast it makes my HP '66 Mustang feel slow. A solid reflection of the difference in 50 years of automotive engineering. Dual motors, 4 wheel drive, big battery.
After driving a '99 Dodge minivan for 18 years, this thing is a spaceship. The battery, a major weight factor is 11 inches off the ground. That puts the center of gravity low enough that in cornering the car feels like it’s on a rail.

It was a zoo at 10 AM, and In less than 15 minutes we were driving off the lot.
No more gasoline. No more oil. No more leaks. More than we wanted to spend, but it took me all of 5 blocks to fall in love.


Now go run up those mountain roads and try not to get pulled over! 285 up to Breckenridge ought to be a blast.

And don’t dismiss the 'stang. :smiley:


Man, I have bled all over that Mustang. There is a big part of me incorporated in it’s being.

The only thing missing is the thunder of the American V-8.
The acceleration makes up for it. :crazy_face: ( that’s a reflection of the residual testosterone).


Had a 64 1/2 289HP Mustang, 68 GTO, 70 442, and a 1994 Impalla SS. But still looking forward to electric. Would definitely miss the sound, but thats what speakers are for…:sunglasses:


I also owned a '64 1/2 - But that that GTO… :star_struck:


Whaaaaaat?! Hell yeah! Teslas are so awesome. Congrats!


SO happy for your happiness. I know firsthand the absolute giddiness that follows getting a brand new car. What a stunning color. So cool…no more gas. Congratulations!


You look sharp! Be safe and enjoy it!


Congrats! You’ll love it.

I’ve been hawk eyeing the power usage and have been amazed about how far you can go on 0.97 cents of energy (obviously local power rates vary)


No kidding man. I look at my KWh and I go wait… what?


Nice! Matching shirt and jeans, too. Enjoy!


I’m happy to see you so thrilled with the new car.

I’m still not sold on electric, but not really a Luddite about it either. Not until I can drive from the Space Coast to NOLA in the same time it takes my dinosaur drinking vehicle will I consider changing. At that point I’ll be sold assuming at least capable of highway speeds and not some super saver mode.

I’ll have to look at current state battery technology again, it is making amazing leaps and bounds.

Until my mine NOLA criteria is met though, I’m thinking about spending too much on a Shelby or a Rousch package. :oncoming_automobile:

ps: My Mustang is a 2014. She makes the work commute a lot more fun. And she is definitely a she, but she’s never told me her name :confused:


BZ, buddy! I know you are going to love driving that car…


Congratulations on the arrival of your zippy new blue bébé! :grinning::smile: :tada::confetti_ball::balloon::sparkles:
(I remember the feeling well.)


…and Happy Happy Birthday @dwardio! :grinning::gift::tada::confetti_ball::balloon::birthday:


My son drove his from OR to south central TX and back this summer. He had the same concerns, but ended up completely satisfied with how it went. His recharge stops coincided with when he would have been stopping anyway for food / bathroom, or previously, for gas. It only took 30-45 min each time, and he says he actually never felt like he was having to wait on the charge. It had been one of his apprehensions about getting the car, and he was pleasantly surprised at how trivial it ended up being.


Good to know.

Battery tech has really come a long way in just the last 2-3 years. I’ll keep watching the developments :slight_smile:


Happy birthday @dwardio!

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Since having the car (we got ours in early July) and charging it every day from 53%~56% to 70% (11.2 ~ 12.88kWh) the car, the usage is 397.9kWh total since ownership

(The 2W is the idle draw of the high power wall connector. 220V @ 48A. This will give you the charge rate of 44 miles per hour. The ‘stock charger’ that came with the car can do about 33 miles per hour at 220V @ 32A. If you use it on a 110V @ 15A outlet you’ll get about 3~4 miles per hour.)

In our area, we have Schedule 1T (time-based) and charge the car on super off-peak (3 am to 6 am) at the rate of 0.04122 (Gotta love the decimal places) cents per kWh. There was a couple instances where we had to charge it in the middle of the day @ 0.192 cents per kWh.

The local supercharger rate in my area is 0.22 per kWh. The total pack size on a model 3 is 74kWh.

But as an example the daily trips which is about 58 miles per day which nets out to 0.4822 cents.
Our Subaru Impreza @ 22.8mpg can do 8.7 miles for $1.02. Incredible savings.

(A lot of stuff was cropped out of the screenshot above. Actual trip addresses, vehicle VIN number etc…)

This is having us seriously consider going 100% solar with storage.


It’s amazing what you can get today. Electric is probably the future, but carbon-neutral liquid fuels may still find a place.

I tend drive every car into its grave. My current ride (Impreza RS) is 19 years old and I have no reason to think I won’t have it for years more.

Maybe I am not being fair, but it is hard to imagine any modern car full of flatscreens and touch controls lasting 20+ years. I’m probably the only guy left who is worried about that though.