After another long wait, Got It

Happy Birthday! Wishing you a wonderful day and many happy returns.

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I’m with you.
I buy them with 150+ miles on them and then put 70K-120K more on before I go for something “new.”
It is nice to see what I’ll be getting in 10-15 years if they’re up to that longevity.
It is a really pretty car, Dave. I’m glad you’re happy with it.


Good luck wit the new vehicle.

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Make a recording to play. Kinda like when kids used playing cards to make their bikes sound like Bikes.


Seriously! Storage is the game changer.
Our house is perfectly oriented for solar. Either panels or the tiles with a powerwall.
Thanks for that breakdown. Did you get the premium or the performance package?

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RWD Premium. Same color.


I agree with that sentiment to a degree.

As far as vehicle age, you’re not alone. The vehicle fleet age averages about 7.5 years old in the US. This is a big part of the reason that it’s difficult to interrupt the petrol-based vehicle industry.

The fleet turnover is relatively slow. And then to support the new standards of whatever (be it charging stations, E85, LNG) takes a huge infrastructure investment with a very slow means of recovering that investment. Electric has an advantage in that, in that you can get set up with at-home refueling/charging.

" it is hard to imagine any modern car full of flatscreens and touch controls lasting 20+ years"

Status quo, yes, but IMO a Tesla is not just any car.

This guy is an unbiased authority.
Munro & Associates is an engineering outfit that tears down a company’s product to the screws to give a professional evaluation of it. He has done work for the military.
His assessment of the model 3 was a primary reason I elected to step up to a higher priced package.


Beautiful! What a fun time … Sounds amazing!

Our vehicles are at 14 and 11 years old … So, will be awhile yet for us.


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