After spending half a day now


…trying to chase down a wild kitten to apply a single freaking drop of flea prevention medication to the back of her neck without bleeding out, I can now safely say, without fear of contradiction…
…I’m never going to have fleas. :roll_eyes:


Give it a bag of Catnip.
When it passes out - apply meds…



Want to be careful. Some of those flea medications are not safe for human contact.


Urk, urk, urk, urk… :crazy_face:


And they taste funny.


Just to sidetrack the conversation…


So this is how you are getting out of the Houston Maker Faire


Snort! :smile:

No kidding, I wasted 3 of those little tubes, and they’re like $50 per…I’m a little ticked off at Demon. If she wasn’t so cute I’d make her go back home where they will call her Lulu and the dog will bark at her, and no one will tickle her tummy the way she wants.


You got Demon back???


Oh heck, that little cat decides where she’s going to live. She was supposed to live next door with the guy who lost his leg, and he spent so much time in the hospital after the multiple surgeries that she escaped the house (and the barky dog) and she now lives under our grill in the back yard.

We feed her, put the flea prevention on, tuck her in the garage when it’s raining with her own food, water and litter box. He comes over in the wheel chair every night after he gets back from work to visit her in our back yard and try to get her to come home with him again. (She really hates that dog.)

Totally weird situation. I don’t know how the heck I manage to get myself into these things. But he couldn’t care for her for months after the surgery, so it is what it is. :smile:


You are a good person @jules.


I’m a :lollipop:.


A sweet one. :grinning:


You’re a lollipop? :wink:


Three weeks after a several attempts by my wife to give one of our cats liquid antibiotics, the cat is now finally at the point where she won’t run out of room the moment my wife walks in.


Yeah, I know exactly why the cat doesn’t like me. I’m the called in ward attendant who holds her down for any unpleasant procedure. The wife comes in afterward to do the actual administration but I’m the one the cat is focusing on :smile:

Someday she’s going to eat my face while I sleep.


Oddly, I’m the ward attendant and the cat never stopped hanging around me but she would bolt under the bed or out of the room every time my wife walked into a room.


My little one is pure carnivore. She’s going to eat me in my sleep some day even if she’s happy with me. I’m this big pile of meat on the hoof, after all.


The kitten has a really disturbing habit: at night she will climb up on our bed and rocket back and forth, pouncing on everything in sight. While purring at maximum volume.


Awww that’s love. :smile:

(Was it you I was telling about that Scram gun last year? Runs them off without injury. I wouldn’t be without it.)