After the first week this is what i've manage to do

Hey guys… so after a looooooonnnnnnggggggggg wait my GF finally arrived to Lisbon, Portugal last week. I am so glad I purchased it while it was on discount you wouldn’t believe how much I paid of customs(600euros about 740 dollars).
So anyway… it is here and I’ve done a couple of tests on it and I hope you like them.

A 3d Eiffel Tower and a paper cut mandala just to see if I could

A couple of acrylic keychains of my logo (I’m a tattooist)

This acrylic and wood logo that I have yet to decide what to do with it

and now… the fun part.
A couple of phones, ipad and some phone covers I have done

not bad for a couple of tests.


Nice, looks like you have been making stuff for years!!!

I’m don’t know how your import taxes work, but if someone purchased it here in the U.S. and sent it as a gift, would it still be taxed?

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well that depends on the customs officer you get. My friend got some sunglasses frame sent to him as an actual gift and it was taxed. Some other friends got car parts bought out of ebay and they were not. its a game of luck I guess… But mine is here now so its cutting and engraving from now on


Nice way to get rolling!

That Eiffel Tower is incredible! Great projects! (Glad you finally got your Glowforge!) :grinning:

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Wonderful! I bet you could make a cool escutcheon out of that skull design too! Way to use the Glowforge out of the gate.


You’ve only had the machine a few days? Amazing!

Struth! I really hope you had loads of designs banked. I’ve had mine over two weeks now and I’m nowhere close to covering that kind of ground - too busy designing stuff to forge lol. Good work!

your off to a good start

Please excuse me for butting in - I’m in England and asked Glowforge if I could have it shipped to our US office in Indiana so they could forward it to me. That would have saved a lot of the shipping costs but Glowforge weren’t keen, if a problem occured they might not have been able to help. I stuck with the direct shipping. Our import duty here is expensive too, £667 (€770 or $950 US).

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Yikes! That is high! I have a small internet business partially based in Europe but excluded sales to European countries because I would have had to submit monthly reports to each country in the EU. Paperwork is not my forte!

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Are you an Aussie?

Lol no. UK but we use it occasionally too :smiley:

Jolly good show!

Nothing like some good old Aussie civilisation

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Nice skull key chain!! Did you back fill the engrave/score? I have some projects in mind that I may do something like that with.

What an awesome collection of first projects! Can’t wait to see how else you can incorporate your logo.

i even paid €52,- for the free materials :sweat_smile:

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Is the clear phone case plastic?

Sorry for the late reply. Yes it is