Again stuck in Centering Mode!

We received our 2nd unit less than 30 days ago and this one is stuck in centering just like our first one! Yes, We cleaned everything, reset modem and router, restarted computer and machine. Yes we check all five clips and everything is intact. We are now behind in orders and its been 24 hrs since we sent our request to support. “”“feeling a little frustrated”""". We already lost one big xmas order…

Any chance your wifi is cutting in and out? That’s what causes mine to do that…it’s usually self correcting, but wasn’t fixed until we moved a router into the same room and connected to that instead of the main house wifi…

Good luck!

I would second this, the GF has a 2.4Ghtz WiFi… and my wife would constantly lose connection on it. Sadly my ISP only gave a access point that had 2.4Ghtz :frowning: My solution was to buy an Archer C7 5Ghtz/2.4Ghtz WiFi router. After that I turned off the WiFi on the ISP modem and put it in bridge mode/passthrough It was a bit tricky to set up but now I have strong 5Ghtz through the house and the 2.4Ghtz is less saturated.

I think part of the problem was that the 2.4Ghtz channels around me were heavily used, lots of access points shown on my WiFi search. There is an app for Android that I used called WiFiAnalyzer that helped me see which channels were heaviest. Don’t know if there is one for iPhone though there probably is. Your answer may be as simple as changing the WiFi channel.

Good luck !

This is usually a sign of poor connectivity with your router. Even if the router is right next to the Glowforge it can still have connection issues. May be a matter of using a different router or assigning a different channel in the router that you are using.

No, our router is in our shop just in the next room. This is the same issue we had with our first one and a lot of other people have been having also.

I see you already emailed us about this. It looks like we followed up to that message yesterday, but haven’t heard back from you yet. I’m going to close this thread, but we’ll follow up again shortly via email just in case you didn’t receive our last email. Thank you for your patience.