Agile Manifesto...set in stone

I am supporting a new team that is trying to transition from waterfall to agile. The team is great and I have no pushback on the desire to be agile, but I have found they need a little bit of reminding that we don’t have to be waterfall anymore.

I first was thinking of getting a poster but I thought that would be tacky looking and come off a bit too much ‘teacher’ vs ‘coach’

I was thinking on it and had some spare black marble slabs around. I decided to make a new centerpiece for the table we scrum around.

I am planning that once they really get stood up and I go onto help the next team, I will offer to have the glowforge engrave the back with their signing.


I love this so much, and the contrast you got on that marble is amazing. It looks almost like it was printed in white ink.


Wow— this looks INCREDIBLE!!!


This is a wonderful piece and a great reminder as it’s so easy for people to slip back into the ways they know, especially when it comes to waterfall!


That is awesome!

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I kind of love the irony of carving it onto the least agile substance possible


NIce! A reminder that is great to look at! This is way better than a poster, for sure.


How did you get such amazing contrast?

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@MyDogsThinkImCrazy did an amazing write-up here.


That looks very clean and professional, very well done!

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I love the results with black marble. The backside is not polished but I plan to engrave our scrum process on it. That way anytime program management questions our process, the response can be “its set in stone” :slight_smile:

I see black marble as having ton of possibilities. It is the most forgiving material I have ever put in my glowforge :slight_smile:

The link @kittski posted is perfect :slight_smile:

Always happy to answer any questions :slight_smile:


You did an amazing job!! My scrum master hubby approves. :wink:

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Lol, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Love it!

Definitely upgrading my poster this weekend.


Every time I see the title of this thread, I chuckle at the irony. :rofl:

When I first got my GF, I had a commission to create a bunch of LEAN / 6S propaganda for a local government agency. Good times.


I love the fridge spot!!

Tell me about it! Growing up my dad taught me Java while my mom taught me Ada. They got all into agile when I was in middle school and I was the last bird to leave the nest. Sooooo high school dinner included scrumming.

Working government has been interesting. These teams really want to be agile but they don’t have confidence that government can actually be agile (sign that you have some smart people lol). So the setting in stone really did well at making the statement that the team has support to be agile (even though government version of agile still needs some work, they know they have support to let loose as be agile).

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