Ahh. Shaker Charms! now Live on Etsy


After months of dillydallying about and travelling, I’ve finally gotten some stuff together and focused my efforts enough to photograph a series of Shaker Charms that I made with my Collapsed_Sun. Feel free to click through to help my new etsy shop’s traffic numbers (see link above). I’m also on instagram (@TheHappinessField) where more of my #lasercapades are featured in a non-curated manner.


Awesome Designs!!!

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:slight_smile: Thanks! They started as doodles in the margins of my notebook, many drawn during meetings.


Love them. Do the beads move too?

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They sure do. Shake * shake * shake


Super cute!! What thickness material are you using? Looks thin…

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Ohmygosh, these are adorable! What a unique idea! I wish you much success with them.


What fun designs! Colorful and happy!


Such a clever design! love it!
I might have to try some, i have some seed beads that I have no idea what I would’ve done with lol.

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These look awesome! I love the bright clean designs and photography.

Word of warning from my past Etsy days - Nintendo is pretty swift with the cease and desist warnings, I would recommend renaming the listing for the pokeballs :slight_smile:


Ooh. Thanks for the heads up. Any tips on a quick rename?
There’s a lot of Nintendo fan art/craft on there but I can see their issue.

thin but not too thin :slight_smile:
some variance based on what I have in my material stash when assembling a batch.

make friendship bracelets?

Very cool! I love shakers! :grinning:


It took your comment to knock it into my head that these are noise shake, rattle and roll things and not the 19th century religious community decorations. I just couldn’t imagine the Shakers being into jewelry like this.

Edit: Oh, and nice charms! They are eye catching.


I dunno…heard they were heavily into sharks.(with lasers) :wink: :rofl:


Shakeballs? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I wonder if it’s ok to tag them with “Pokémon,” and /or “pokeball”…trademark law confuddles me.

Fun! I love the leaf and the starfish!

Thank you! Those two are so far my early best sellers :slight_smile: sold a couple starfish at a small craft fair and to a mom for her daughter’s tide pool science fair project. I also did a handful of custom coloured starfishes for a friend and her posse. The monstera was my first sale to an instagram follower. happy dance

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also this:

Just spend 15 min watching this when I should be building stuff in CAD.