Hi GF Community! I recently purchased an SVG file that I want to use for a personalized ornament but I have come across some issues. I will try and explain everything step by step and include pictures as I go.

  1. This is the ornament I’m trying to go for:

  2. This is the file I purchased

  3. This is the SVG with the names added:

  4. This is the 2019 text attached with the hats and names:
    Also, I do not know to detach the 1st artboard from the 2nd artboard

  5. Once I upload it to the Glowforge, the Engrave option does not appear over the Names on the hats:

    The 2019 with names is 1, and the hats are another. I’m guessing I created it wrong somewhere along the lines in Illustrator. I’m still a newbie so still have some learning to do. If anyone has step-by-step technique on how to edit and create the final look, it would be greatly appreciated! I am trying to get this figured out in time so I can create one for each of my families before Christmas. Again any help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t use AI so I can’t help with those specifics, but the reason the 2019 and the names are linked and the hats are separate is (most likely) because the hats are raster, and the rest are vector. Which also means you’re going to want to create an outline to cut them all out.

In the GFUI the cut/engrave/score won’t show up until you’ve chosen a material - you don’t have to use that material, but if you want to play without cutting just grab one at random.

You’re going to want to do some sort of combining, because right now the engraving of the hats will roll over each other and you’ll probably end up engraving all the way through - but someone who uses AI will show up shortly to give advice on those commands!

This will help with the outline creation - and be sure to read the comment by @pubultrastar because there are some extra helpful bits there:

Yeah, I’d suggest posting the file and letting one of the experts set it up for you if you want to try to get it done in time. That’s going to be complex, and beyond Beginner level.

No promises, but I can maybe take a poke at it tonight if I get the next six dozen cookies done. :crazy_face:

Zip the SVG file before you drag it and drop it onto a new line in your reply.

I can work on it if you post the file.

Pretty sure posting a purchased design file on a public forum is against the terms of service.

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Here’s my interpretation: It shows that Santa hats are from a PDF. They seem to be vectors, but since they also have the outlines around them defined, they are coming as cut/score paths for the outlines rather than engraves.

The Santa hat red should not have a defined color to it and the white should have the color since that would be engraved. The text has to punch out an island in the engrave to come in. And you’ll need an outline to cut around everything, The Letters are interesting in that they do have a thick engraved boarder around them.

Complicated, but doable. It’s a cool design for sure.


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