Ain't no cure for the shipping time blues


My weekend plans were to build a Glowhaus.

Amazon shipping: Left a compound miter saw at my front door while I was in the shower.

UPS: Rang bell and waited while I was at Home Depot. Left signature required proofgrade package at door anyway.

USPS: While sitting inside with the front door open, sent a text that they were unable to deliver because business was closed. Business? No “missed you” tag on mailbox or door. Reviewed cameras and USPS never set foot on the property.

Unfortunately the USPS package has the pocket hole jig I need to do the project.

I haven’t seen a notice on the forge yet but I would put money on it showing up while I’m out of town. At least I should be able to intercept that electronically and redirect as needed.

Oh well, cue the music.


I just got a notice from Amazon that they refunded my order for LED bases because “Address does not exist”. This is of course the same, saved ship-to address that I use for 5-6 orders a week from Amazon. Sometimes logistics isn’t.


Did they try to use the USPS?

The saw and jig were from the same order. Amazon shipping found me but the post office can’t seem to work it out. They’ve left me other people’s packages in the past.

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Unfortunately, I have had this happen with Amazon orders arriving through USPS on the weekend. There are thousands of complaints at Amazon about this. It seems to be because the USPS drivers delivering packages for Amazon are often temporary staff; not your average mailman.

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Postmaster might be interested in hearing this.

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No, this one was sent with Amazon’s own delivery service (AMZL). I regularly get things from them, UPS, USPS, and FedEx. AMZL is by far the least reliable. I think any rando with a white van can deliver for them. Apparently it went into a black hole in New Jersey and they eventually gave up and refunded it with a weak lie about the reason.

Oh well, it isn’t the first time, but it’s pretty rare. I’m trying again.

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I called. The phone system is even worse. After keying in my 22 digit tracking number it replied with one that had about five errors. It actually did better with the spoken numbers. Then it asks for ALL of your information and that goes something like this:

Autobot: Please say and spell your last name. For example if your name is Smith say “Smith spelled s m i t h.”

Me: Knox spelled k n o x

Autobot: I think you said "Knox 250 millisecond wait spelled 250 millisecond wait k 200 millisecond wait n 200 millisecond wait o 200 millisecond wait…

Me: Oh FFS!

Autobot: x 200 millisecond wait

Me: Speak to an agent.

Autobot: I think you said “speak to an agent.”

Me: Yes.

Autobot: The offices are closed for the holiday.

There was more but I really lost it when it started to saw the words “250 millisecond wait” instead of actually doing a quarter second pause.


Luckily they are using USPS less often around here. The only thing worse is when Monoprice uses some obscure three state only delivery outfit. You can only pick up your package between 8 and 9:30 on a Saturday morning.

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I’ve had nothing but good luck with AMZL. I sometimes even get things next day on a Sunday.

I wish you luck with the next attempt.

Isn’t it amazing how spoiled we have gotten with all these services today? :laughing:


I once had a delivery notice left on my door before I left for work (10:15am) It says attempted delivery at 11am, so I called and was on the phone with customer service for a complaint before they had even “attempted delivery”. This was canada post.
I also waited outside looking at the UPS truck the other week because I happened to be walking my dog when he showed and I had a package out for delivery. Watched him sit in his truck, fill out the forms and walk up and put them on the apartment entry door. Zero attempt to dial the people for packages at all.

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Spent a bunch more time with the automated system again today.

Me: Speak to an agent.

Beelzebot: It sounds like you want to speak to an agent. Please say yes or no.

Me: Yes.

Beelzebot then goes right back to the script it was running as if I never said anything. We went round and round with this one.

I finally got to a point in the script where I could give it enough gibberish responses that Beelzebot threw up it’s digital hands and said “Sorry I am having trouble understanding you. Let me connect me to an agent.”

At this point it asked me if I would like to take a satisfaction survey at the end of the call and proceeded to tell me that the expected wait time would be 40 to 50 minutes.

This is after the web site told me that the package was both being held and delivered in the same paragraph. It helpfully told me that it was being held in Las Vegas but not at which facility.


Have you ever used this website?

It wouldn’t help a ton with the UPS system since the instructions are just to repeat “Speak to a Representative” but it does help with other companies systems. I don’t see a listing for Glowforge. :slight_smile:


It was the USPS in this case but thanks for the link. I hadn’t seen that before.

Ohhh, I used to have that one bookmarked but I lost it at one point…many thanks! :sunglasses::+1::+1:

Thank you for that link! The USPS sucks and fails, so I have to contact them far more often than I’d like. This typically results in much cussing and crying on my part. Hopefully, this link will help to alleviate that issue :slight_smile:

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