Air Assist Alert Issue

I keep getting the following alert:

“The air assist fan on the carriage plate is not running at the correct speed.”

I have cleaned the fan, tried to reseat the print head and nothing. When I start a print job, the fan starts, runs for a few seconds, then stops and the error message pops up again. I have never used magnets so that isn’t the cause either. I do see a warped piece on the print head but I am unsure of its purpose or if it could be contributing to my issue. Any other possible fixes?

I don’t see any “warped piece” but it’s likely your print head will need to be replaced. How long have your had your machine?

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The first picture with the red circle is the piece I believe may be slightly warped but it doesnt appear to be damaged. I have had it for 2.5-3 years.

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I’ll just throw this question out there…do you use magnets? They can interfere with the air assist…

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They already said they don’t.

I use very strong magnets all the time and have never had an issue.

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I was the one commenting on your post in the Facebook group, in regards to the air assist fan control circuitry. The pictures you’ve provided here show much better detail as to the condition of the flexible printed circuit I referred to, the first picture shows the FPC to be curled and lifted from where it normally sits, while the fourth picture you posted shows the FPC in its normal position, laying flat against the case of the printer head… this, to me, looks like the FPC has been damaged and is the cause for the air assist errors you are experiencing.

If you perform a close-up inspection of the FPC you’ll probably be able to locate a point where the circuit traces have been broken and are either no longer making contact, or making intermittent contact when positioned just right.

If this turns out to be the case, the printer head will need to be replaced or rebuilt. Glowforge charges just under $600.00 for a replacement printer head. You can arrange for a replacement to be provided by emailing support. You can also find used printer heads from some suppliers who deal in used parts scavenged from broken machines that people have deemed too expensive to repair, or you can have the FPC rebuilt by someone like me who does so.


Guess I didn’t read close enough!!

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