Air Assist Error - no amount of cleaning working

I’ve gotten the Air Assist Error message again:
“Air assist fan error. The air assist fan on the carriage plate is not running at the correct speed. Try reseating your printer head following these steps.”

I’ve gotten this message before, cleaned the air assist fan and this solved the problem in the past.

This time nothing seems to fix the problem. Both the air assist fan and the fan on the laser head are as clean as they have ever been. In looking through the forum I’ve seen it brought up to check the brass spring pins on the bottom of the laser head that hit the contacts on the carriage plate. One of the pins seems that the spring isn’t pushing the pin down. I can physically get it down but if I push it up it stays there.

While making sure that all of the pins are in a completely down state I carefully placed the laser head in place making sure that the pins were contacting the plate correctly. Still didn’t work.

I’ve ordered a replacement fan which I should receive in two days and hopefully it does the trick. Is there anyway to replace the spring pins on the bottom of the laser head without replacing the entire head unit (which I don’t see on the store anymore)?

Any advice here is much appreciated.

Welcome to the community! Sorry your first time here is an issue :frowning:

Well done figuring out that the connector on the fan is the issue. The carriage plate comes with a new fan, but as you’ve noticed it’s currently sold out. Sometimes if you contact support directly they may have some available - but they usually save those for folks under warranty and from your description I’m going to presume you’ve had yours longer than that :slight_smile:

Folks have replaced the fan, but even in those cases they’ve mostly rewired the same connector, since that’s the specialized part. I’ve not run into anyone who’s replaced the connector on the carriage plate.

That being said, there are defintely more engineer types on here so they may pop in with specific advice!


set the printer head in a shallow tray filled with just enough alcohol to cover the spring pin assembly. Let the pins soak for 5 minutes then remove the printer head from the alcohol, dry the pins using a soft cloth, and work the spring pins in and out several times, then replace them in the alcohol for another 5 minutes, remove and repeat as many times as necessary to get the sticky pin back to normal.


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