Air Assist Error

I’m hesitant to write this, as I’ve had nothing but great experiences with both the product and the company, but I’m at the frustrated stage now. The Air Assist Alert came up Saturday. I followed all the trouble shooting instructions, cleaned contacts, head pins push in and out fine, cleaned both the head fan and air assist fan, but nothing corrected the problem. And, no, I don’t use magnets. Never have. GF chat was very prompt but could not help beyond the recommended cleaning instructions. They said it would be passed to support, but I’ve heard nothing except a bot email of the chat dialog and a message that it would be passed on. Does anyone have further ideas on correcting an air assist problem? Again, I hate to complain, but right now I’ve just got a fancy plastic box with a glass lid. Can’t imagine how devastating this would be if I had a business depending on this unit. Apologies for the rant. Just frustrated and looking for ideas to try.

I’m very sorry that we’ve taken so long to follow up with you.

We’ll want to investigate further to find the root cause of the problem, it may be something that we can resolve with a replacement part. In the mean time, I want to get you back to printing so I’ve disabled the Air Assist Alert on your unit. It isn’t a permanent fix, we’ll keep working with you there, but if you restart your Glowforge, you should be able to get back to printing tonight.


Thank you very much for your response. I did a test run this morning and everything worked fine. I look forward to a solution as I’m a little uncomfortable running without the Air Assist.

Thank you again for your help.

I think you disabled on mine as well, and good as I don’t want the Glowforge to come to a halt in the middle of a print but rather it alert me but finish the print. If there was some middle ground that there could be an Alert on the GFUI that the fan halted for x time during the cut that would be the ideal.

As we have all been learning the effects of Magnets on the fan, if we put some Mu-Metal tape in the redirect fan shroud and up the three exposed sides of the fan I think that the possibility of magnet interference with the air assist would go away as Mu-metal is very capable of redirecting magnetic fields to itself so the fan would never see them.

You can have a rule “no magnets” but they have been normal to use up til now, and far better to shield the fan than go against normal and obvious practice.

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I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.