Air assist fan error yellow button

Seriously about to have a panic attack.
Air assist fan not running at correct speed
Yellow button
This has happened before and I just reset everything multiple times until it started working again. Now nothing.
Support has not yet responded to me.
All fans are clean and moving fine.
The tiny ware spot on the white cable I put electrical tape on.
All connections are clean.
The only thing I haven’t done is unplug the little four wire plug. I jiggled it and it seems in the well, so I didn’t want to rip out a wire.
Please…any other ideas or do I need a new air assist fan?

The problem with ribbons is that the metal can crack. What happens then is that the problem becomes intermittent more and more often until it becomes permanent. That sounds a lot like your issue.


It would really be great if support could get back to me. I know everyone is busy, but I submitted my first request a couple of days ago, and I have 17 cutting boards that have to be finished by Tuesday morning.

Did you receive the immediate email acknowledgement?

If not, either they did not receive your request (did you use the support request form, or just send an email?), or their response has not made it to you (check your junk/spam folder…)

Regardless, a yellow button generally means the machine will need to be replaced. Time to put your backup plan into effect if you have committed to something you can’t deliver on.

Edit - just spotted that you did say you got an air assist fan error - if you mean in the UI, then there is a problem with the air assist fan, or the ribbon cable between the main machine and the head. Support can most likely determine that from logs.

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I cleaned my machine the other day and got the fan error when I ran it after. It sometimes happens if you clean and the pads on the carriage plate get dirty. I just wiped them down and reseated the print head and it resolved it.

Do you have photos of the print head? The quickest way to shorten the support process is to provide photos at the start.


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