Air Assist Fan Error!

I’ve been trying to engrave on 0.47" material and halfway through the job I keep getting the Air Assist Fan Error message. I’ve following the instructions, removed the laserhead and the belt and the fan and cleaned out everything just in case it was debris causing the issue. But I still keep getting this error message! How do I fix this?

Are you using magnets to hold your work? They can affect the fan speed and cause this error. Also is your air assist fan is real dirty that could cause the error.


He did say he cleaned it.

I guess the magnets were the issue. It seems to be working now! Although it’s strange because the magnets never seemed to mess with it before this. Thank you though!

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Only when the air assist fan in the back passes directly over the magnet will it be a problem.


Hello @alan2 - I’m glad to hear you appear to be back up and running!

Thanks to our community for jumping in to assist. I’ll go ahead and close this topic for now but please feel free to reach out and let us know if you should have any further issues.