Air Assist Fan Not Spinning

Hi All,

Yesterday we were getting ready to do a print, and our machine started, but quickly stopped and we got an “air assist fan not spinning up to speed message.” It was just cleaned, but we took it off and cleaned it again.

We did put it on the right way, so it is not backwards. When it starts up it shutters like it wants to go, but it doesn’t turn. However, when we spin it with our fingers, it spins freely.

We have cleaned and cleaned. We can’t seem to get it going at all which is so frustrating. If you have any advice, it would be very appreciated!

Are you using any magnets? They interfere with the air assist fan…


Would you happen to be using magnets to hold down material? A strong magnet can interfere with the fan and cause the error you see.

rvogt beat me to it.

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No! We are not using any magnets at all, but thank you for replying! We are trying to think of anything it could possible be.

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Well, it’s possible the fan has failed, but those pancake fans are usually very reliable.
It’s a 40mm x 40mm made by Delta Electronics if you need to source a replacement.


Thank you! We’ve only had the machine since beginning of December, so I’m hoping it didn’t fail. But that is good information.

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If the fan failed then it’s covered by the warranty.

You’ll want to open a support ticket by sending them an email ( so they can check the logs and do a bit of diagnostics.


If you’re still under warranty then letting support deal with it is the best plan.

There is a member here that sells certain parts and I think this fan as well, but I would stick with GF support while under warranty.


Thank you!! I did leave a message and hope it gets resolved quickly. Thank you for the info!

Thank you! I will do that!!

Did you ever figure out what was going on? I’m having the same issue.

Not yet! We are still waiting on support. They think we might need a new printer head, but my husband thinks our fan is actually faulty. It is super clean but will not run. Hopefully they get the parts to us quickly.

I hope you get yours up and running!!

are the LED lights on?
if there not, then it may be a bad cable.

the air assist fan on your print head or the fan on the carriage plate tray is not working?

glowforge sells replacement parts


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