Air Assist Fan or GF software error?

Engraving 12 anodized aluminum tags for the first time and all was going well until the image on the 2nd tag to be engraved. The GF made it halfway the small image and the head stopped moving with an “AIR ASSIST FAN” error displayed on the interface. Told the GF to IGNORE the first image and tried restarting the GF several times. The GF would start engraving and always get stuck at the exact same spot on the image.

Removed the air assist fan, cleaned it as well as the contacts, put it all back together and the EXACT same thing.

It seemed odd to me that it would work and then stop at the exact same spot, so the next time, I moved the image that it was engraving to a totally different spot onto the cardboard jig. It engraved the image on the cardboard and just kept going successfully engraving all the other images.

This seems like a software error, not a hardware error. Thoughts?

Are you using magnets to hold down your tags?


There are magnets, but they are being used to hold down the cardboard jig and at the very corners of the cardboard.

The head would get stuck on a tag that was three inches away from one magnet with the next closest magnet being about 5 inches away. It had no issues with the tag that was about 1.25" away.

Interesting idea though…

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Certainly magnets will cause that error. The air assist fan is not on the head but is several inches behind it on the metal plate that rides under the tube. A magnet below the fan will cause that problem.


The fact that the error happens at the same place is suspect. Try taking the magnets away and see what happens.


Thanks everyone! @rpegg , that really helps! Based on the location of the head and the magnets, that was most likely it! I was thinking the magnets would affect based on the position of the head, but if it’s several inches behind the head, there was like a magnet there at the very edge of the cardboard.

This morning, I changed to smaller magnets, made sure they were at the very corners of the cardboard and the job ran successfully to completion.

Thanks so much everyone!!



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