Air assist fan problems

I need help. My gf won’t print. I get an error message saying the air assist fan isn’t running at the correct speed, I have followed all the steps and cleaned everything. Any advice? I have contacted them but still no response after a day. Please help.

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You’ve created a duplicate support ticket by posting here too, which can slow things down–just so you know for next time. :slight_smile:

Are you using magnets to hold your material down? That can interfere with the air assist fan. And hopefully the “everything” you cleaned included the fan. :wink: Make sure you got the right one – it’s not the tiny one on the back of the head; it’s the one on the back of the carriage plate.

If you cleaned it enthusiastically enough that some of the liquified gunk got into the mechanism and dried there, it might just need to be broken free so it can spin again. (Yeah, speaking from personal experience!)

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Hi @susie.michael. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having some trouble with the air assist fan from your Glowforge. I just responded to your opened email ticket as well. To avoid any confusion or miscommunications, I will close this thread and continue to work with you to resolve this through email. Thank you and I’ll look forward to your response on there.