Air Assist Fan running All The Time On High

Anyone else having issues with the air assist fan running at operation speed all the time? I have powered off and back on and it still does it.

It should be running at all times while in process, and for a few seconds after finishing. If the entire cut is over and it has gone back to the corner and five minutes later everything is still running then that is a problem. If you lift the lid and it is still running that is also a problem

They will likely ask you run the GOGM on on the PG MDF board so you mark the time and take a picture of the end situation and they can see in the logs what has happened. If you post that before they get here it would be that much faster.

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The air assist fan should run while the head is in-motion, as I’m sure you already know. It stops the moment the head “parks” back in the home position.

If it’s running constantly, either the fan itself is faulty, or the control circuit has failed in some way.

You can try cleaning the connections between the head and the carriage plate, and carefully re-seating the ribbon cable connection to the head, but the control signal that turns the fan on and off is steady DC - which means if the connection was intermittent, the fan would not run continuously. Also, if there was a connection problem, you would likely get an “Air Assist”-related error in the UI.

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Invariably folks confuse the air assist fan and the exhaust fan. The air assist fan is mounted on the metal head gantry plate that slides left and right. It is on at all times except in the home standby position. The air assist fan blows air forward at the cut point. Blows material and gases away from the cut improving the cut, and reduces any flare-up. It makes almost no noise. I’m guessing you are talking about the exhaust fan since the air assist fan is almost impossible to see when the head is parked.

The exhaust fan should be on at full speed (if filter mode not engaged) any time a job is being run. It removes smoke from inside the GF unit. It should be off when the head is parked in the home position or after the completion of a job.


Oh no!

I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

I’ve extracted your machine logs, and I don’t immediately see a cause for concern with your Air Assist Fan.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the behavior you’ve noticed? If possible, please include a video of the behavior and the approximate date and time.


As of now all is working as it should. The Air Assist Fan was running at full power at all times, even with the lid open. I took it apart, cleaned it and the connectors, and reinstalled it in the machine and all works well now. Thank you for following

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