Air assist fan stopped working?!?

Now before someone moves this to P&S, I fixed the issue with some help from @pip – I am pretty meticulous about keeping my GF cleaned and maintained, and I do a routine maintenance every first of the month on all fans / vents / etc, so I was puzzled that the smoke in the GF chamber was ‘wafting’ and not being blown at the front door.

What I discovered was the Air Assist fan was packed solid (which confused me, since it was cleaned on the first) and I came to a realization I was doing a lot of paper craft cutting this month - and the smoke from the Paper was the culprit.

something to note.



Like this.

In this case ash, and mostly smoke, a much finer particulate. Almost exclusively proofgrade ply.


When I was into an episode of heavy 3D engrave on various wood types, I found myself doing a deep clean of the fans every 8-12 projects.
You could see the smoke hanging around, like in your image, and knew it was time again.
Too much non-burnt resins and debris in that smoke from a heavy 3D burn off.

yea, the camera helped, I wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise.
I was amazed how quickly the fan got clogged. good lesson, lucky no
harm done anywhere!

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