Air con booth?

Planning to use the GF in the garage, having taken over the back wall for my workshop !
There’s an old a/c in the back wall, which might get replaced soon, but in the meantime, I wondered if a small booth ( plastic tent type of construction) covering that part of the bench might be a good temporary set up.
It’s a double garage, so a big volume for the old a/c to hold down the temperature during the summer (100+ in August),

I believe the optimum working temperature for the GF (and me) is 70F, and this would be OK for this old unit.
The only alternative is to work at night, or early morning, but I have already had a :-1: from swmbo on that idea .

On this same topic, is there any problem with the GF being subjected to 100F daily, when not in use ?



the booth thing could work extremely well. vent into open garage, cold air into booth. there’s actually something of a little push in the restaurant area to use big portable AC units to drive diy walk-in freezers as a much cheaper alternative…so your booth should work great.


If you can keep the heat coming into the cooled area at a minimum, you should be fine. Might want to pick up a few sheets of tuff-r or whatever that skinned insulating foam is called.

I used to have a portable AC for my bedroom – the trick was a vent pointed directly at the bed so it got the cooled air first.

Yes, I think sealing out any ‘hot draughts’ is crucial.
Regarding the material, I was thinking in terms of two layers of polythene film, either sides of whatever wood battens I use to build the frame.
I’m thinking in terms of a small room, inside the garage, perhaps about a 6ft long, about 4ft from the wall, and up to the ceiling, so I’d be looking at about 200 cu ft, in total.
Might get away with just two poles, floor to ceiling, and a positive pressure inside.


honestly that’s all i’d bother with, if you want to make something just a titch more permanent you might consider using some sturdy bubble wrap


Bubble wrap is my go-to solution for this sort of idea.
Wasn’t sure if you had a different name for it on that side of the pond !
Two layers, bubbles inwards seems to be a perfect solution. Very low thermal transmission, cheap, and with some some added silencing as a bonus.
Can’t be bad.


I am a sucker for the bubble wrap coated with alumin(i)um foil. It’s not free, but it has some good structural strength to it.

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Not come across that as a product. Sounds expensive compared with standard bubbles.

I don’t remember the storage temperature thresholds - @rita might be able to chime in with the numbers from the latest draft of the manual?


Thanks Dan, that would be good to know.
I’m already getting pressure from swmbo not work in the heat, and sees my empire building taking over the house, while she has to move out to the shed, so I’m looking for a quick appeasement :wink:

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Definitely more expensive than regular. But cheaper than an uninsulated wall in winter…