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In the email that announced we were receiving the CF, where they said to “read the manual” it was actually a hyperlink to the PDF. I spent time looking for it too!!!

I was so excited when I saw the email, I only read the first couple of line.

I have left mine on for a few months now. I don’t think it uses much electricity until you turn the knob. If I had something to easily measure the draw it would probably be easy to check. Not sure if it’s a good idea but I’ve had no issues…

Yeah, @techyg is correct, you have to turn the knob to turn the speed of the fan up higher…start with the lowest setting.

Ok, thanks.

WOW! Just started running a 50+ minute print job, and 2 minutes in, I am blown away by how much quieter the 'Forge operates with the Compact Filter, and the fact that there REALLY is NO SMELL!!!

Thank you to Dan and the Glowforge team for seeking out this alternative and making it available, and thanks to @Jules for beta testing and reporting just how good it is.

I’m sure as the filter gets used, and volume goes up, it won’t be as great, but for now, color me impressed.


When will an existing glowforge owner be able to purchase a filter separately ?


If you’re wanting one of the Compact Filters, it can’t hurt to put your name on the list now. (If you want to add one of the Glowforge filters, they don’t have a method set up yet to purchase them…I imagine they’ll set something up once they’re released and the backlog is shipped out.)

Jules, have they given any idea on filter element replacement availability and cost?

No not yet. Dan did say they were working on a shipment a little while ago, but we haven’t heard back yet. (If it takes the same amount of time as the compact filter, it should be about 3 weeks, plus or minus. I’m sure they’ll want to have a large batch on hand to be ready.) :slightly_smiling_face:

A few things that might be useful to know for other people in similar situations to mine:

I got an email from Glowforge on the 12th saying, “I have great news! Your Compact Filter is on the way.” I should have realized that what this really meant was that my Compact Filter was not on the way. They never shipped it. They won’t say what happened. I know a lot of people said their filter showed up without any notice, but be aware that the reverse can happen as well.

I know that most preorder customers accepted their Glowforge as soon as it was ready rather than deferring delivery until the filter was available. There have been a number of posts on the forum from people who have regretting doing this, because they have an expensive paperweight gathering dust and their warranties are dwindling down to nothing before they even have a chance to turn the machine on. But there are a few of us who elected not to do that. For you: be aware that Glowforge stopped crediting you with proofgrade credits as soon as they sent you an email saying you had the option of accepting your paperweight. You bought a filtered laser cutter, and they sold you a filtered laser cutter, but if you decided you didn’t want to take delivery on something you didn’t buy, then as far as they are concerned, that’s on you.

Even if you’re not in the same situation, recognize the pattern here: Glowforge says stuff (“we’ll start shipping by the end of 2015!” “we’ll pay you to wait!”), their interpretation of which they are keeping obscure and hoping you won’t notice. It would have been easy for them to add a sentence onto the note that went out to people who deferred their Glowforges clarifying that their credits would stop accumulating, but instead what we got was a message saying “we’ll get back in touch with you when your air filter is ready, which is scheduled before the end of September [2017].”

I received my compact filter yesterday, and while I haven’t set it up yet, I did read through the manual, which says that a spare fuse is included with the shipment. The only things I found in the box was the filter itself, a power cord, and the packing materials. Has anyone else found the fuse, and if so, where did you find it?

Instructions for finding the spare used to be on page 20 of the manual…does the new manual not go that far?

Ah, thanks! The photos on page 21 show that the spare fuse is in the switch assembly, right next to the functioning fuse. That’s a great place to store it. It saves me the trouble of finding a place to stash the fuse until I need it.

Thanks again!


It may be here, but I’m not finding it.

As of now, is the plan for the GF filter to be easily able to switch off (and go back to using the hose)?

I’ve got a great vent system in my current house, but I may not always be in my current house. The compact filter is definitely easy to switch - being attached by the same hose, and I’ve read posts going back in time with both positive and negative answers to the question of whether the GF filter will be switchable.

Hmm. good question. The forge will SIT ON IT, so, not so sure?

the GF filter will not be able to exchangeably work with the vent hose. this has come up before. this would be one of the benefits to the alternative filter.

Not without a mod according to Dan.

But never say never eh? :grinning:

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My question comes because “according to Dan” includes both the following quotes:

which seems to indicate you could uncouple the filter and use the vent hose and

(as well as your quote above) which seems to indicate you can’t…hence asking for clarification.

If installing the filter means I can never use the vent hose again without completely removing the GF filter - I’m gonna switch to the Compact. If you can uncouple the GF filter, but leave it underneath the :glowforge: until you need it again, I’m back on board for the GF filter :slight_smile:

A picture would probably be helpful!
@dan? @bailey?

You can uncouple the elbow and switch to the vent - that’s just the physical connection.

I think the problem is the same as with the Compact - the laser unit knows the filter is attached. In the case of the compact it’s told in the software so the fan control can be modified. I seem to recall that for the GF it’s electrical not software (RF maybe?) that tells the GF that the filter is attached and to turn off the main fans and turn on the filter’s fan.