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Any recommendations for the best way to dispose of the cartridges? They’re currently piled up in my office since I’m reluctant to just toss them in the trash.

They are not recyclable.

Per the manual - “Dispose of the used filter cartridge in the garbage.”

I know they aren’t recyclable, just didn’t know if there were any additional considerations to take into account with their disposal (e.g. environmental impact, hazmat, etc.)

Think of it this way: if it’s ok to vent stuff out into the air, then it’s probably ok to gather it all up in one small package and bury it in a landfill.


Hey @dan I’ve had “February 07, 2020” as my air filter delivery date for a while now and I’ve had no comms from your team that it’s actually on it’s way. Any way I can find out what’s happening there?

Also when I paid import duty for the original Glowforge order it looks like that fee also included the Airfilter. I’m a tad concerned that I’m going to be paying duty twice.

No one from GF support will see your post here, so unless you’ve already posted in the problems and support category, sent them an email, or used the chat feature about this, one of those options would be your best chance of getting an answer. Best of luck.

They should send you an email when your filter is ready to ship. You then have to confirm you still want the air filter before they will ship. If it is not in your spam folder, email directly.

No idea what Australian customs is like, but the Canadians just had to show their paperwork that they had already paid duties. I would hope it is just a matter of collecting all the correct paperwork.

Email them or post on the problems board. Doing both will create two tickets. We had to contact them.

Purchased the gloforge in 2016 with the filter. Fast forward to 2020 and many excuses later, and still no filter. Latest update on my account stated shipping in January 2020. Nothing. Patience is running thin.

Glowforge Filters have been shipping for quite some time (and the Compact Filter substitute for even longer). You might want to email support directly.

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I don’t have a filter, but a popular YouTube channel released a video about how he has never replaced HEPA cartridges in his room filter.

Airborne dust and such is not the same as vaporized wood and acrylic, so I doubt this would be as effective, but as you have to throw the old expensive cartridge away, someone might want to try it and report their results?


I know that there are washable air filters for cars. Maybe the same process that is used for those would work. I think they use a special detergent.

Im still waiting for my air filter. I ordered back in 2015 along with my Glowforge. Received the Glowforge in 2018, I believe. I never got an email stating that they were ready to ship it. Even checked spam folders… nothing. I write them on April 4, 2020. They tell me to fill out a online form that Im ready for shipment. I do that. I hear nothing further. Getting quite discouraged with this nonsense.

You will want to open a new thread in the Problems and Support section of the forum so that they can open a ticket for you. (It’s where you can let them know, support is not going to see it here.)

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This post convinced me to get the air filter because I also use a dryer vent, cut mostly acrylic, and have that smell lingering in the room. However, the noise of the air filter is quite deafening compared to my previous set up with an in-line exhaust fan. Does anyone have soundproofing recommendations? Not sure if I’m willing to exchange smell for noise /:

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I also paid for my air filter in 2015.
And I can’t hang the hose out a window without seriously bothering the neighbors.
My personal page says the filter is not quite ready.

Contact them or post in “Problems and support”. We had to do that to get ours shipped.

I did that, and a glowforge box arrived just 10 minutes ago :slight_smile:

What is the average turn around time for filters now?

Have there been any tests to estimate the impact of the new Light Proofgrade Plywood materials on the air filter cartridge lifespan?
I would like to see how it compares between the Medium Proofgrade Plywood and the Proofgrade Hardwood (since the Light is supposed to have a hardwood core instead of MDF) as shown on this chart: