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They don’t have one yet, but when I signed up to test the CF it was about two and a half weeks before it showed up, and that was during the Christmas rush. (Caught all of the volunteers completely by surprise when it showed up.) :smile:

If you don’t have a filter already on order, you would need to specify to Glowforge that you want to buy one somewhere on the sign up form. They might be able to allow a few new customers to buy any extras that they have from a production run after they have satisfied all of the pre-order requests.

They will bill you separately via PayPal if you’re selected to receive one, but you will still need to fill out the sign up sheet to be considered for one now. If you have a few months breathing space, I’d go ahead and sign up for it, and make sure to list on the form that this is a new purchase, and you need to be billed before a certain date. If it starts to get close to your cutoff date and they haven’t gotten a filter to you in time, you can send support an email at before the date and cancel the order.


it’s not particularly uncommon for these kinds of promotions, sadly. it would be nice if GF put the hammer down a little on the rampant discount code hawking, but people are going to be like this if there are codes to give out. and if it happens in a private conversation, there’s nothing the brand can do about it other than eliminate the incentives completely. a crappy part of human nature. i just ignored the person who asked. i’m sure someone else kicked something back.


Any news on if non-preorders can get the compact filter?

We are getting a quote on having a drier vent hole fitted in the office today but I am thinking the filter might work out better (especially when it comes to not smoking up the neighbours when they are sat on their decks)


If you have the option to vent outside, that is always better than using a filter. Filters have to be replaced when they fill up.

(I’d put in the vent port. You can always add a compact filter later to handle the stinky stuff like leather and acrylic, and that doesn’t tend to load up the filter as badly.)


My other thought was to maybe switch between vent and filter, but also a filter would be great for things like craft fair, comic con, makerfaire etc


Yes, being able to switch is the best of all worlds…I’m doing it here:


That’s why I’ve kept my order in. I do local MakerFaires for showing the cool things you can do with lasers. The Trotecs and stuff are usually too big for local companies to bring so it’s often the first time some folks see a laser. A filter would be great - if I get an outdoor spot it’s no big deal now but when I’m indoorsive been rigging up a cheap cheesey solution by dropping the hose in abox and covering it with a blanket :slightly_smiling_face:

At home it goes out the wall. I’m looking for the GF filter because it’s a better footprint. (And I’m going to make it switchable :grin: without having to detach the units )


Sure, but I’m trying to think of another case where there is a bounty quite this rich, and in cash, and I’m coming up blank. Certainly I can’t think of anything in this category. People will do all manner of unsavory things for $500 in cash.

I don’t know. If you gave the same value in Proofgrade or other credits, it seems like you would motivate the True Believers who you really want to be putting the word out while eschewing the it’s-a-pyramid-scheme-that-comes-with-a-free-laser-cutter vibe. I’m getting “paid for waiting” with promises of Proofgrade credits that I might be able to use one distant day while serious dosh is getting shoveled at people who are putting shady ads on eBay. Seems backwards to me.


to be fair, they actually give more value in PG/store credits than they do in cash.

i get that you don’t have your machine yet and that blows. but i’m not sure that’s really a part of this conversation.

and i think they should be finding out what those ebay referral numbers are and shutting down the eligibility of those accounts. it would be worth the $0.99 to make sure they’re not able to take advantage. if someone’s already gotten their referrals from those people, give the discount to the buyer and not the referral credit to the referrer. same with people being overly pushy elsewhere. i haven’t heard of anyone getting “shut down” for that behavior, tho. and until someone publicly complains about being shut down (or GF makes a visible example), there’s no disincentive to being douchey about it.


…and 80% of customers choose the credits over the cash. We also manually investigate the biggest referrers, so if someone’s doing something egregious, we get in touch with them.


I have taken your suggestion and ordered the compact filter. I see it on my purchase window. Any idea when It will be delivered?


Good news for US costumers. But what about foreign (Switzerland) pre-orders for filters delivery ?
Can we also exchange filter order ?
Can Glowforge be placed on top of the filter ?
Do you have more pictures of this new filter ?


Are we being compensated in any way, with a gift certificate and/or a dollar amount for every month our filter has been delayed?


Probably too soon for them to have any idea yet. They will contact the folks who sign up for it directly by email when they have more information.

No. There is no incentive being offered for the filters.


So crunches numbers by my math that would be today? Unless it’s business days? Has anyone gotten an email?


ROFL! Don’t know, but it might be two weeks from the Production Run, not the date of sign up. (That’s a bit vague, but it might be that way because they don’t know yet.) :wink:

Hopefully you’ll hear soon and you got in on the first run.


I’m back to being excited again, which I know is a dangerous place to be. :smiley:


Understandable. We had to come up with the whole “squeeee” thing to deal with it, or we might have just popped. :smile:


@Jules let’s see if my new pre-filter catches as much as yours does. (seems to me there may be a market for something a tad smaller…)


Holy cow, is that your filter? It’s rather on the huge side! :smile:
(Ditto the pre-filter.)