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It’s essentially a normal Purex-style filter, but it’s designed to be the base for a laser. (BOFA even calls it the Access Base 1 - and there is also a Base 2 for longer lasers)

The prefilter, however, is bigger than I anticipated at 25"x30"x13".


Yeah, that should catch a lot of dust. :smile:


Pretty simple box, MDF, holds 3 filters with an in and out…


Another image


Just wondering, if I use a filter, what types of materials should I use in terms of:
-Absolutely avoid since it’ll destroy the filters asap
-Can use, but may/will likely shorten lifespan of filters
-Materials that’s “safe” and is designed to be used within the normal expected lifespan for filters

I’ll be mostly using proof-grade materials from the store, but if there’s any good suggestions of materials not found there I’m all ears as well.

Thanks for any help!


I listed those out in a post further up the thread…I’ve been doing some testing to see which materials are problematic:



I was doing trail signs


I’ve never seen discourse post entire other post on a link…


Ahh, thank you!!! This helps alot!!


I find the biggest concern is not being able to show any progress. No samples, demos, or being transparent at all with the development process. It’s all words, and not how any company in 2019 should be operating. Community is built on trust, openness, integrity and ethics.


Hello, My email is = (removed) My name is John Morgan. I have responded to your message to get the new “compact filter” 3 or 4 times now. I have yet to get an answer back nor have I seen a change in my account status to get a filter. I did initially pay the $995 to get the Glowforge filter. I want the Compact one now. After waiting now for longer than I can wait I need that filter or I need a refund on my account so I can go elsewhere. I realize you are doing the best you can, but I have little faith in your ability to deliver by September. Please respond to me to give me when I can either get the filter or when I can expect to get a credit on my credit card. Sincere, John Morgan


@rmunson and @jl.order – support doesn’t monitor this area, so you’re not likely to get a response from them here. Best way to reach them is either to send an email or post in Problems and Support. Do one or the other, though, not both, as each method opens a support ticket, and duplicate tickets double their workload and make it take longer for them to respond.


Higher frequencies don’t transfer through walls easily. This is why you’ll always hear the bass thumping from parties before the mid tones. I imagine you’ll be fine.


It’s all about that bass. No treble.

Sorry. Had to.


It’s all about that basswood, no maple

Fixed it for you


You’re not guaranteed to get the Compact nor if picked, to get it earlier than Sept. The order form is just a way for you to get on the wait list for the compact filter.

However, it seems those may ship sooner than the GF filter. At least some have been in beta testers’ hands already. I don’t know that anyone has seen a GF filter in the wild (at least none have been reported on the forum).


Hey guys, long time no see…

I’ve been spending my time making things, working overtime at day job and sitting here in the Minnesota cold and breaking a little inside my soul as I haven’t been able to laser. Even considering a blast gate, can’t chance running it with high winds and negative temps(last week was negative 60s). I’m crossing my fingers I can get a compact filter, and while I know I’m competing against everyone else here for one, I hope a few would send some good luck my way, and I hope GF might choose compact filters to go to people who can’t otherwise use their glowforge without it.

I just mean to say that I strongly hope they don’t use the criteria of “who used their glow forge the most over the last 3 months” as determining criteria for who gets a compact filter and who doesn’t, because I would run mine every day if I had a filter, and can’t until I do or temps get at least above 30degrees, is where I start feeling comfortable running it.


Hello James, I appreciate your response to my request to get a Glow Forge substitute or "Compact Filter " Dan called it. I can not wait so long as it will take for Glow Forge to complete the design, manufacture, testing, and production of the Glow Forge manufactured system. I would appreciate if you could tell me how to initiate a request a $995.00 credit to my charge card so I may seek alternative solutions. There are ones available, I just need to have money to purchase one. Thanks for the help. I look forward to getting your response. John


I have this one and while I have not yet connected it directly it will clear a room of smoke even not connected. The 10 inches inside 12inch outside intake at 500CFM moves a lot of air. I am working on just making an 18"x14" x 5’ box with the 12" hole in the side and the 4" hole front or top with the box up against the Blue monster and the 4" connected to the Glowforge.

It then exhausts out a 6" that I am just running into the room ATM. Obviously, the box is a bit big to do at once on the Glowforge, and the exhaust out the Window is working for the moment but I can definitely say the Blue monster does do an awesome job, and I may get the box done before seeing the Unicorn filters.


If you email your request to the support email, OR post it here in Problems and Support, you’ll open a support ticket that will get the attention of someone who can actually help with your refund. Staff/support members don’t routinely monitor other areas of the forum. Oh, and @jamesdhatch isn’t a Glowforge employee (neither am I). :slight_smile: