Air Filter Maintenance

I got my gf air filter last week and just “installed” it.

No directions came with so I assume it is just a matter of putting the hose on the filter and turning the filter on. I don’t have one of the clips and for now it is staying on.

Is there anything I need to know about cleaning and/or replacing the filter?

Manuals are here:


The big one, which a lot of folks manage to skim over, is DO NOT use mdf/draftboard in there (or plywood with mdf cores) - it will clog your filter ridiculously fast.


And that is what I mainly use - so I’m either stuck to my window or the filter gets clogged quicker

The window is great. There are a bunch of designs on here for different style windows, and the addition of a $25 inline fan allows you to turn off the interior fan (which is what makes the most noise). The filter is irreplaceable if you’re in an enclosed space (or have other short-term need for total containment) :slight_smile:

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