Air filter - refundable now?

So after having used the Glowforge for about six weeks, ducted outside through a dryer-style flapper, I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile to keep the plan to have the air filter that I originally ordered back in 2015. It seems to be OK to have ducted exhaust, and simpler than having to use the air filter and whatever replacement parts are necessary with use.

I’m sure this was made perfectly clear in the disclaimer I had to agree to when the unit shipped, but what’s the current low-down on this?

Can I cancel the air filter after receiving the main unit? Would it be a refund in check/credit card form? A store credit? Or am I now locked into getting the filter since I accepted the delivery of the unit when given the opportunity last October?


I may be interesting in buying it from you. I didn’t order one and now I think I regret that as my use case may be changing.

I canceled my filter order and they refunded my money. I find out after using my Glowforge vented out a window is all I need. I originally wanted to use the filter in case I took my Glowforge to a craft show but I now figure I will never take my Glowforge anywhere. I figure no need & why take a chance.


How recently did you do this? I thought that it was possible to cancel the filter right up until it was ready to ship, but now I can’t remember where I got that idea. Like the OP, I’m on the fence about whether or not to keep my filter, so it’d be nice to know for sure.

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Good question. I would be surprised if they didn’t allow a refund on it, at the least give store credit.

Send an email to and they will work with you to get a refund on your filter. I just did and am waiting for my refund check.


I believe I cancelled about a month b-4 they shipped my Glowforge. So it was sometime in Oct.

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I requested cancellation of my air filter and did not get a response yet

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How much do you get as a refund?

i would hope/expect you get exactly what you paid as a refund.

Yes, you do. Cancelled mine a couple of months ago.

Might take a few days.

Sure, I’m happy to help change your order. We definitely want you to get the Glowforge that suits your needs. We’ll refund the card you originally used for payment unless you request a different method. Please write to to make the arrangements.