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I am using my GF for the first time. I have air filter. Does air filter have to be on at all times when GF is on? I was not cutting yet and I had air filter on new. We smelled a funny smell and it made us dizzy and nauseous. Was it from not having filter higher?

If the Glowforge was not doing anything cutting or engraving, then it should not be doing anything to make fumes. If you have an electrical short somewhere, it would be a good thing to find the source that might have nothing to do with the machines.

Turn the dial up on the front of the air filter until you hear the fan running strong. (The New setting might be too low to create the suction needed depending on your setup…dial it up until you hear a loud fan sound.)

Once you hear the fan running, go into the, open your file, and click the Settings gear icon to turn the switch for using the Compact Filter. (That reduces the exhaust fan speed in the Glowforge machine itself, and lets the fan in the filter create a vacuum to suck the smoke out.)


Definitely yes to this part (unless you’re venting to outside)

Don’t use a filter but I assume it only has to be on when the GF is actually in operation,and a short period after the print stops. Not the entire time it is powered on.

There’s a post from Dan somewhere recommending leaving the filter on for an equal time after the cut/engrave job for max filter life. (10 min job = 20 min total filter run time starting both at same time)
I find it easier to just turn them both on at the same time so I don’t forget the filter when starting a job.

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Okay! It was the first time using it. I’ve had it for 3 months but have been so busy to use.

Thanks I will check


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