Air filter was due to arrive and 7th Feb - Have heard nothing

Heyya support peeps,
I’ve had a target delivery date for my Air filter of 7th February 2020. That’s well and truely come and gone and I’ve had no communications from GlowForge as to when or where it’s shipping.
Any change I could find out what’s happening?

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This also is me. :thinking:

Each person should make their own separate post, as this is what opens a ticket with support. They won’t open a ticket for you when you add your post to someone elses.

When you log into does it show Feb 7, or another date?

If you delivery date has been missed by over 3 weeks you do want to open a ticket - unless you’ve already started an email conversation (in which case you’ve already opened your own ticket). You’re hijacking @benjibuls post, whether intentionally or not, and confusing their issue.

So @benjibuls, when you log into does it show Feb 7 or another date?

Like it or not, this is what the FAQ and forum guidelines say. Good luck.

I’m so sorry you didn’t hear from us about your Air Filter! I’ve just sent you an email to let you know the status of your order, so I’m going to close this thread.