Airline 'Club' luggage tags

Remember the 70’s with cool airline stuff, the looks, the design. I decided to turn my Glowforge into a time machine and re-do some of those hip cool things…
(have a little pity for me, this was my first week owning a GF)


Nice! I’m glad to see that you got the line issue worked out in the first tag.


YUP - they needed to be scored…



The good ol’ days of air travel, sorta. These turned out great.


These look great!!


Back then, people dressed up to get on a plane. It was an amazing adventure. Now people fly in their pajamas. I want to scream “pajamas are for sleeping not flying” but I digress.


I was on a flight I saw this mother and three of her spawn, with a cooler blocking the aisle, I knew the "times are a changin’

remember the flight attendant look into coach, before she closed the first class curtain?
“if you only worked harder” :laughing:


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And flying coach was actually cool, with legroom and a meal, and a big screen movie.

The good ol’ days that never were. Legroom, meals and smoking. Two out of three were nice.


I remember the smoking on planes. Glad it’s gone. Being in close quarters with cigarette smoke gives me a migraine and a massive bloody nose, as a child, it was never-ending bloody nose and ear infections.

Also, I’m definitely one of those people who fly in my pjs, or at least something warm and comfortable (I don’t really have pjs , just sweatpants and sweater), and that’s because we travel overseas and I always book the red eye so my sleep pattern isn’t too disrupted. I am on the plane at 1am, about the time I should be sleeping here, and when I wake up, it’s morning where I land. My carry-on has a change of day clothes so I change at the airport before venturing into society. :rofl:

My kids love flying, and their favorite part is airline food and inflight movies. I don’t even bring snacks because I hate crumbs.

I always think some day I want to book a first class flight, then I look at the prices and think to myself…I could stay at some luxury hotels and eat awesome food, all for sitting in a bit of discomfort for 12 hours…in some places I can even buy my own vacation home :rofl: :rofl:


:no_mouth: :no_entry_sign: :no_good_woman:t2:

The reason for the curtain is so the folks in coach don’t see how lousy the meals actually are in first class :slight_smile:

Isn’t that two tone acrylic fun? Your projects came out great!

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@cynd11 I LOVE THAT STUFF, I think it is my most favorite material to work with,
I get a semi decent price for it on Amazon

So good, I need some of this two tone acrylic, the retro designs are awesome.

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I love the Concorde ones, which, by the way is making a comeback!

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MY GOD… one of my FIRST POSTS!!! – so long ago!!!


What medium is this? Aluminum? Metal?

its two color plastic!!

bought on AMAZON!