ALERT Cooling Error

My Glowforge seems to be stuck in an “ALERT Cooling” status. I went to start a print, material was scanned, head reset back to back left corner, fan started to kick in for about 1 second, then I heard the fan spin down, and head stayed in back left corner.

I tried turning the power on and off, and moving laser head to middle of print area. Now I can’t start a print. I’m looking at a greyed-out print area and the error “We’ll automatically resume your print when things have cooled down…”

Any ideas? Thanks

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What’s your ambient temp there, and is this basic or pro?

80deg, Basic

Might be just over its thermal tolerances, if I recall. I would think frozen interface might be handled by closing it (maybe clearing history or rebooting). Printer might need things a little cooler, but can at least be taken out of locked up by power cycling it.


I actually run A/C a lot, but the extra cooling is one of the reasons I decided for the more expensive Pro.

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yeah, im just surprised that i was printing fine, i did a few 2-3min jobs, went back to my computer to do some more drawings, and then when i went back to print again, it wouldnt start. only thing i can think of is i get a little afternoon sunlight in my door, and that must have put it over the edge.


Yeah, especially if it was just used, might need extra cooling time. I’d see if I couldn’t cool the area a bit, then try again.

My PRU did that a week or so ago and Support couldn’t figure out why. It would take hours to recover or I could turn it off and give it a few minutes before turning it back on and then get another job out of it before it stopped again.

They offered to replace it but it’s been working fine again so I told them to use the new machine on someone who didn’t have anything. I can wait and I’ve had 6 months head start :slight_smile:️ Seemed rude to double down on machines when lots of folks are still waiting.


You, sir, are classy.


LOL. The Basic PRU has been great. I’ve had it 6 months longer than most here will have theirs so as long as it works (even if just mostly) I’ll wait. I have a Pro & filter ordered so I’ll benefit from the tweaks they’re making in manufacturing so it’s not entirely selfless :slight_smile:

Besides I can always fire up the K40 or the Redsail. Although honestly I’m not sure the K40 would still work - I didn’t drain the coolant bucket last time I used it (I didn’t realize it’d be the last time in nearly a year at the time :grinning:) so I expect there’s probably something nasty growing in that water. People who have never had a laser will never really appreciate what GF has done in terms of ease of use & maintenance.


Like @jason.fuller0 posted, your Glowforge Basic is designed to print in an operating environment between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 75 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius). Printing outside these ranges may cause your print to pause periodically or fail to complete.

Once your Glowforge cools down, you should be back up and printing! Please post again if you find otherwise.