ALERT - Too Cold (update 1)

I posted yesterday but my ticket was closed.

It was regarding a Too Cold error. I got a few replies saying warm up the room which I have. I now have a thermometer on the crumb tray and had the lid open to warm up. My thermometer is saying 20.3c, and I’m still getting a Too Cold error. I have tried warmimg the bed up carefully with a hair dryer. Still getting the error!

I guess I will need to work in shorts and a tshirt and turn the heating in full blast!

Any solutions, suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks. J

That does fall within the suggested operating range for all models.

I suspect that what needs to heat up a bit though is the fluid that circulates through the tube…that’s in a closed plastic reservoir, and you’re not going to heat it up by using a hair dryer on the bed. Running cold liquid through an active laser tube might cause it to crack…that’s why you have to maintain a certain operating temperature range. (It’s the same for all lasers, not just this one.)

One thing that might help…disconnect the the hose when you are done with the machine or use a blast gate to keep the cold air from making it’s way into the machine when it’s not in use.
There are a couple of shared designs for DIY blast gates in the Shared Files section here, or you can find one pretty cheaply at any hardware store. Just grab one for a 4 inch dryer hose connection.


There has been a unit that had a faulty temperature sensor. The unit was reporting too warm. There is a small chance that your device is reporting an erroneous temperature. The only way to tell is to maintain an operating temperature for a significant amount of time to see if the warning goes away. It’s not possible for us to know your fluid temperature. It takes a while for the fluid to warm up inside the reservoir and lines if the unit has been stored at a lower temperature.

@rpegg, Hi there. I think it it is something to do with the sensor! I have a thermometer on the crumb tray. The Machine had been on most of the day, I thought it might have worked as the amber light had gone out, and the interface said that the “lid open”, which it was as I was trying to increase the ambient temperature. I tried to do a cut, and as before it stopped just as soon as it started cutting, saying my enviroment is too cold!!! The temperature is 25.5c. Its very frustrating as I’ve got a job that I’m using it for! How do I get a replacement sensor? Im in the UK and I really dont want to have to send the machine back! Im frustrated!
Many thanks. J

@Jules I dont have it permantly connected to the exhaust outside, I stick it out of a vent in the wall, when Im not using it i pull the hose back inside, so there wouldnt be any cold air building up inside the machine. I think its a sensor problem. My office is a nice 25c. And I still get a Too Cold Error! Its frustrating! Many thanks. J34

Crud. :neutral_face:

Would be very difficult for the average person to replace the sensor. GF has not provided replacement parts except for the easier to access components. But anything is possible.

Thanks for following up. I apologize that your original post was Closed. This was a misunderstanding because you had marked that post as “Solved”. I’ve extracted logs from your Glowforge, and unfortunately, it looks like your unit is experiencing an issue that we can’t resolve remotely. I want you to have a reliable unit, so I’m recommending we replace this one. I’ll be in touch via email to sort out the details. I’m so sorry about the bad news.